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Fantasy Football Week 8: Sam Bradford's Injury Leaves Room For A Tim Tebow Pickup

I don't think I'm telling any tales out of school to say that Sam Bradford has officially been one of the less impressive coups of the 2011 fantasy football sleeper season. After five games in which he failed to make much progress at all from his 2010 debut, Bradford suffered a high ankle sprain in the closing minutes Week 6, and the injury has caused him to miss one game already and looks like it might keep him out of another. This leaves the Rams' big midseason trade—acquiring Josh McDaniels disciple Brandon Lloyd for a 2012 draft pick—unconsummated for yet another week. and A.J. Feeley the only thing standing between the St. Louis Rams and an 0-7 start.

To say the least: If Sam Bradford is somehow your potential starting quarterback in Week 8—your starter must be on a bye—you're going to want to find another option. Might I recommend, if your league doesn't have anyone from Denver or Florida in it, Tim Tebow? I realize that nobody's convinced he's an actual starting quarterback, but at this point the Denver Broncos' offense has to run through him. If you don't like the guy, try to convince yourself you're starting an extra running back who throws a surprise pass every now and again.