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Saints Vs. Rams Score Update: Teams Trade Touchdowns, Rams Lead 24-7

It seemed like the Rams might be able to run away with things after Steven Jackson scored his second touchdown of the day, pushing St. Louis ahead 24-0 at home. But like you'd expect from a mediocre journeyman quarterback on a winless team, things are never that simple. The Saints just cut the lead to 24-7 on an A.J. Feeley fumble, recovered in the end zone by Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma.

The Rams started the drive on their own 3-yard line with a chance to really blow things open, but Feeley lost control of the ball while being sacked near the end zone and an unlucky bounce found it in the hands of Vilma. The Rams still have a sizable lead on New Orleans and have limited the Saints to just 130 yards of total offense near the end of the third quarter, but the Saints have the kind of talent to make a lead disappear in a hurry.

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