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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Danario Alexander Or Brandon Gibson?

The St. Louis Rams have two capable fantasy football waiver wire options at wide receiver, but you're going to have to choose your flavor of mediocre yourself. Brandon Gibson or Danario Alexander?

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Question, fantasy football waiver-wire trawler: Are you into... danger?  Do you fear the known? Does the idea of a wide receiver on an unproven St. Louis Rams offense with a left knee that could turn into dust at any moment stir something primal in you? Your answer to these questions will determine which Ram you go after following the team's bye week and any associated bye-week retooling. Do you want dangerous Danario Alexander, or anodyne Brandon Gibson?

Here's the case for Brandon Gibson, who didn't get the same 2010 hype but has emerged as one of Sam Bradford's more reliable options in this nightmarish start. He was—like everybody else—silent in the Rams' loss to the Washington Redskins Week 4, catching one ball for 14 yards, but before that he'd managed 50 yards receiving each game, and caught a touchdown besides. He's not sent downfield quite as frequently as Danario Alexander, but with Danny Amendola out of the picture he's been important in the play-to-play maintenance of Bradford's sanity, and he combines that pressure-relief function with a few more gamebreaking moves than his slot-receiver competition. 

As for Alexander, he might catch a 50-yard touchdown and make an entire defensive backfield look foolish two or three separate times in a game, or his knee might swell up and keep him from playing for a month. Both things might happen at once! Danger! Excitement! Every so often, a big day! You can't ask for much more on the waiver wire, but you're going to have to choose your flavor of mediocre yourself.