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Mark Clayton Could Return To St. Louis Rams Week 7

The St. Louis Rams see the end of the Mark Clayton injury saga in sight, just in time for him to replace Danny Amendola.

With Danny Amendola out for the season and the rookies struggling mightily in his stead, the St. Louis Rams could use some good injury news out of their beleaguered corps. Here's some: Mark Clayton appears set to come back for Week 7 against the Dallas Cowboys after tearing his patellar tendon nearly a year ago. Clayton, who came to the Rams after wearing out his welcome with the Baltimore Ravens, had become Sam Bradford's favorite target when the injury struck, and after a strange courtship during and after the NFL lockout the Rams decided to bring him back and place him on the physically unable to perform list.

If he's going to come off it—and not be moved onto injured reserve—he'll have to be ready to go soon after Week 6, when the Rams play the Green Bay Packers, so his apparent success with rehabbing his damaged knee is good news for a team that has struggled to flash any consistent weapons on offense.

In Clayton's absence the Rams have started Brandon Gibson, Mike Sims-Walker, and Danario Alexander at various times in the season. Clayton began his tenure with the Rams as replacement for another receiver with a major knee injury—Donnie Avery, newly minted as a Tennesse Titan.