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St. Louis Rams' Michael Hoomanawanui Has Practical Injury Concerns

The St. Louis Rams have lost so many players to injury this year that last week's addition of Al Harris and Michael Hoomanawanui, both felled by torn ACLs, seemed almost comical when it happened—what else could possibly go wrong, after all?


So it's with not  a little sadness that I read on Turf Show Times that Hoomanawanui himself has been having some very real, practical problems with his torn ACL—problems beyond the question of his return in the 2012 season. Questions that are making him shake his head about, and I quote, "[going] number 2."


 I like to think that as he was tweeting about it from his iPhone, Hoomanawanui was in face seeking help from the ACL-tearing masses about what to do next. Brace yourself against the walls and sink slowly to the ground? Lift your bad leg in the air and assume the "shoot the duck" position?


Maybe just be really thankful that America never adopted the Japanese squat-style toilet, which requires a certain undiminished lower-body-strength and the capability to avoid a hernia? But I'm only speculating.