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Seattle Seahawks Vs. St. Louis Rams: Can Rams Win Three Of Four?

The St. Louis Rams host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday afternoon as they hope to win for the third time in four games.

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When the St. Louis Rams host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, they'll be doing so with a shot at getting out of the NFC West cellar. Or, more accurately, with a shot at not being alone in the cellar. Currently sitting at 2-7 on the year, a win against the Seahawks on Sunday would put the Rams into a tie with Seattle, pushing them out of sole possession of last place in the division.

After losing its first six games of the season, it seemed like the Rams would be settling into the basement of the division for the rest of the year. Even though the idea of making a run at the postseason is simply non-existent at this point, a strong finish to the season could at least re-establish some of the optimism that was circling around the team before this season had even began.

Don't expect a weak performance from Seattle this weekend, though. They shockingly upset the Baltimore Ravens at home last weekend, and it's not the first team that we've seen this team knock off a highly-favored powerhouse (ahem, New Orleans, ahem). The Seahawks aren't really a good team, but they're not an awful team, and they're probably on a similar level as St. Louis, to be honest.

The Rams aren't nearly as bad as they looked earlier in the year, especially now that Sam Bradford is getting healthy, and the Seahwaks aren't nearly as good as they looked in beating Baltimore last week. Unfortunately, the San Francisco 49ers essentially have the division title locked up, so this week's game is mostly just about pride and winning for the fans.

With the idea of landing Andrew Luck becoming less likely, it's time for the Rams to just focus on developing what they have so they can win some more games. Sam Bradford may not be Luck, but he's still a pretty darn good start to a team.

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