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Rams Vs. Seahawks Score Update: Offense Continues To Struggle As Rams Trail Heading Into Fourth Quarter

The inability to generate any consistency on offense continues to hinder the Rams, as they now trail the Seattle Seahawks 17-7 heading into the final quarter.

Seattle put together a short drive following a fumble from Sam Bradford that resulted in a short TD run by Marshawn Lynch. The fumble by Bradford was caused by Chris Clemons, who chased down Bradford on his blindside. The St. Louis QB has struggled mightily throughout the game, completing only 13/27 for 124 yards. Bradford has looked to get the ball down field, but has missed on the majority of his deep throws.

The Rams defense continues to keep the team in the game, limiting Lynch to only 67 yards on 22 carries. The defensive line has also pressured Tarvaris Jackson throughout the game, allowing him to complete only 12/22 for 130 yards.

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