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St. Louis Rams Scare Away Every Last Cornerback, Fill Injured Reserve

As drummers are to Spinal Tap, cornerbacks have become to the St. Louis Rams. The Rams have now gone through 10 of them, most recently injured reserve newcomer Marquis Johnson, who suffered a season-ending abdominal bruise. 

When this began happening, there was at least the consolation that the Rams had their pick of the practice squads with which to replace their injured cornerbacks, but at this point—well, who wants to be the next sucker in line? Unnamed sources tell me that Jeff George recently turned down the Rams' offer. 

After the jump, in case you were wondering, every cornerback currently entered into the Rams' ersatz witness protection program.


  • Ron Bartell
  • Bradley Fletcher
  • Al Harris
  • Brian Jackson
  • Jerome Murphy
  • Marquis Johnson
If you put all of them together, the Rams might be able to stop Tarvaris Jackson for entire games at a time. I'm not sure they could fix the rest of what ails the Rams, but their astonishing inability to keep defensive backs healthy is at least worth some minor sympathy as we construct our Steve Spagnuolo effigies, I'd think.