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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Life Outside The Andrew Luck Sweepstakes

Unfortunate news, for everyone besides Sam Bradford and an especially vindictive Jimmy Clausen: The St. Louis Rams are probably out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Don't get me wrong, 2012 NFL Mock Draft makers: The Rams have looked as incompetent as anybody at times, and the rumors swirling around about regime change only make them more likely to scuffle down the stretch. It's just that the Indianapolis Colts' combination of incompetence, a vacuum at quarterback, and a two-game head start make it unlikely that the Rams or another 2-8 team will catch up.


With that comes a deeply uncomfortable situation regarding the best quarterback prospect in a generation and the best quarterback in a generation, which I am not even about to get into. It also comes with considerably less stress than the Rams would have had to deal with had they inadvertently sucked for Luck. 


If they'd ended up with the number one pick, no matter how they spun it it would have become a story about Sam Bradford's failure to develop and the chance of missing out, permanently, on a brilliant quarterback in exchange for a grab bag of picks and players. The number two pick in this draft isn't that—it's just a draft pick. That's exactly the kind of low-drama thing these Rams need at this moment.