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Sam Bradford's Terrible No Good Very Bad Quaterback Rating

Going by Quaterback Rating, yesterday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals was Sam Bradford's best performance of the 2011 NFL season. His 85.8 QB Rating is the first time he has been north of the 80.0 marking and raised his season QBR to 75.0. For comparisons sake, the best worst QB in football (Tim Tebow) has an 81.1 QBR on the year and Aaron Rodger's worst game of the season was 111.4. Bradford also tied his season high for most touchdowns in a game.


With one. One touchdown.


Reasons behind Bradford's unproductiveness are a myriad (new offensive coordinator, no QB coach, terrible play calling, an incredibly bad offensive line, a wide receiving corps that doesn't enjoy catching footballs, too many walks in his odd and completely realistic neighborhood where everyone loves Charter Communications during the offseason, the fact that he wasn't exactly great last season -- just remarkably better than Marc Bulger) but the important thing to remember is that a guy who throws a football like Dan Quisenberry is a better QB than Bradford at the moment.


Yes, Bradford is still better looking than Tebow, but all of this losing is really cutting into his once lead leaguing Dreaminess Over Replacement QB.