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St. Louis Rams To Send 5th Round Draft Pick To Denver Broncos For Brandon Lloyd

According to Joseph Alper of Pro Football Talk, the St. Louis Rams will be sending a 5th Round draft pick to the Denver Broncos to consummate their trade-deadline deal to acquire WR Brandon Lloyd.

Lloyd, who started the year with the Broncos, led the NFL in receiving yards in 2010 when he played under then-head-coach Josh McDaniels. Now reunited with McDaniels, the offensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, Lloyd has once again found considerable receiving success, racking up almost 400 yards and 4 touchdowns through just six games with the Rams.

When Lloyd -- now at 31 receptions -- caught his 30th pass, the Rams became obligated, as stipulated by the terms of the trade, to send the Broncos a 5th Round pick instead of a 6th Round draft pick.

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