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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 9: Greg Salas's New Lease On Relevance

Through the first two weeks fo the St. Louis Rams' distinctly unpleasant 2011 season Greg Salas, their rooie slot receiver and inadvertent Danny Amendola replacement, was the Official Symbol of Rams Offensive Futility. Dropped punts, dropped passes—he appeared to drop everything, including all the way down the depth chart, and quickly vanished from the offense entirely. 

Then he didn't, all at once. After a month on the bench he reemerged in Week 5, during Sam Bradford's last game, and caught eight passes for 77 yards—an utterly Amendolian performance. Despite catching passes from the Official Symbol of Rams Offensive Injuries, A.J. Feeley, Salas has gone all at once from the least valuable wide receiver in football to a basically competent slot receiver. 

That's not exciting, but it is, basically, Danny Amendola. And there are worse things than that, as the Rams learned the first time they had to start Greg Salas. 

Fantasy Football Availability: Unless you're in a league with Greg Salas's mom, probably high. 

Fantasy Football Value: If Greg Salas's mom has turned on points for receptions, you're in business—when Sam Bradford comes back and the Rams' offense gets pass-heavier Salas could have a few of those eight-reception games, so long as you don't expect many yards or touchdowns. Expect him to be Danny Amendola with a functioning elbow.