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Sam Bradford And Brandon Lloyd: Pretty Exciting After All

So, it turns out that people were excited about seeing the St. Louis Rams deploy erstwhile savior Sam Bradford and big acquisition Brandon Lloyd at the same time for a reason: Bradford and the offense look really good with at least one wide receiver clearly keyed into the Josh McDaniels system. Through the first half of the Rams' matchup with the Arizona Cardinals—they lead 9-3—Bradford is 11-for-15 with 133 yards, combining last year's accuracy with this year's dynamism. Lloyd has been the driver, catching four balls for 63 yards, but Brandon Gibson and Greg Salas have also benefited from avoiding the Cardinals' top corners. 


Unfortunately, the result has been colored by the Rams' continued inability to score in the red zone, but Josh Brown's three field goals could at least, for once, be a sign of better things to come. For the first time since Week 2 Rams fans have legitimate, exciting reasons to be optimistic about their offense. Even if it's just the Cardinals.