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Rams Vs. Cardinals Score: St. Louis Forces Safety, Leads Arizona 11-6

The St. Louis Rams’ defense hasn’t exactly been dominant in 2011, but a brilliant Donnie Jones punt helped them score two on a John Skelton safety Sunday, pushing the Rams’ lead over the Arizona Cardinals to 11-6 in Week 9. James Hall and Gary Gibson share the credit for the safety, which is the Rams’ fourth scoring opportunity without a touchdown.

Jones has averaged 51 yards per punt in two attempts Sunday, and pushed the Cardinals behind the five-yard-line after the fourth Sam Bradford sack of the afternoon ended the Rams’ third quarter drive.

The Rams will get the ball back just outside Cardinals territory after the safety. Sam Bradford, who’s 14-for-19 with 178 yards and an interception in his first game back from his high ankle sprain, will try to get his first touchdown of the day off the free kick. He’s looked solid, if a little less mobile than usual, operating mostly out of the shotgun. But if the Rams’ defense and special teams continues playing this well, it might not even matter.