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St. Louis Rams Force Second Safety Against Arizona Cardinals, Lead By 13-6 Score

John Skelton and the Arizona Cardinals are finding it strikingly difficult to get out of the end zone, thanks to the St. Louis Rams’ resurgent defense and Donnie Jones’s perfect punts. C.J. Ah You forced the Rams’ second safety in a row Sunday when Skelton was called for intentional grounding in the end zone. Despite a major offensive slowdown for Sam Bradford and company in the second half, the Rams now lead by a score of 13-6—three field goals, two safeties, and no touchdowns. The Rams were forced three-and-out again after the offensive line continued to struggle while protecting Bradford.

It’s no problem, so long as Donnie Jones is backstopping the fourth downs—for the third time in a row, following the second safety, Jones pinned the Arizona Cardinals back to the five yard line with another booming punt. He’s averaging 52 yards a punt on four attempts, including a 59-yarder on his first attempt of the day in Glendale.