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St. Louis Rams Vs. Arizona Cardinals Score Update: Defense The Key As Rams Lead 13-6


Although it certainly hasn't been a work of art, the St. Louis Rams are one quarter away from winning their second consecutive  game, as they lead 13-6 over the Arizona Cardinals. The play of the defense was exceptional in the 3rd quarter, with the Rams recording two safeties, courtesy of sacks from James Hall and CJ Ah You.

Each safety came courtesy of a great punt by Donnie Jones, who has been instrumental in helping the Rams build this lead. The offense has sputtered despite being able to move the ball down the field, but Jones has been able to pin the Cardinals near their endzone on multiple punts.The defense has also been excellent in limiting Cardinals RB Beanie Wells to only 20 yards on 10 carries.

On the offensive end, Sam Bradford has been solid in his return from an ankle injury. Bradford has completed 16/23 for 187 yards and an early interception. Steven Jackson has been effective on the ground, rushing for 74 yards.

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