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Rams Vs. Cardinals Score Update: Overtime Forced As Cardinals Block Regulation-Ending Field Goal

The St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals will play overtime in their Week 9 contest—regulation ended with the score tied at 13 after the Rams’ game-ending field goal, a 42-yarder from Josh Brown, was blocked at the line of scrimmage as time expired. Sam Bradford and the Rams won the coin toss, leaving the game—and the Rams’ second win in a row—in the hands of their sophomore quarterback, back for his first game after missing two due to injury.

The Cardinals tied the game on a late touchdown from John Skelton to Larry Fitzgerald, who’d been quiet all day. The Rams’ offense has come from safeties, field goals, and some booming punts from Donnie Jones—Bradford has been excellent, but unable to reach the end zone due in part to serious pressure from the Cardinals’ defense.

The matchup between Brandon Lloyd and Patrick Peterson has been won, thus far, by Lloyd, who caught five balls for 80 yards in regulation. Steven Jackson’s over 100 yards rushing on the day after struggling in the third quarter.