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Sam Bradford's Especially Deep St. Louis Rams Return

Sam Bradford struggled down the stretch in Week 9's loss to the Arizona Cardinals, finishing just below replacement level according to the Football Outsiders guys, and while I'd just as soon forget that game ever happened they have an interesting stat about the particular kind of inconsistency he managed Sunday—he averaged 21.6 yards downfield on his 13 incompletions, the highest of any quarterback last week.


The offense has yet to have a great game, but since the Rams acquired Brandon Lloyd it's at least looked like Josh McDaniels's offense was supposed to. If Bradford isn't missing receivers downfield as badly as he was against the Cardinals—it was hard to reconcile that Bradford with the guy from Week 2 against the Giants, let alone the guy from Oklahoma—this team could finally do what it was supposed to all along soon. 


Of course, now it has to do it without Greg Salas, so it seems like every bit of offensive good news comes with an equal and opposite reaction in the wide receiving corps.