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Fantasy Football Week 13 Projections: Sam Bradford A Low-Ranked Quarterback, Brandon Lloyd A Solid Play

Week 13 of the NFL is almost here, so we pass along some fantasy football advice.

The St. Louis Rams has been pretty awful in recent weeks, and the fantasy football projections for Week 13 in the NFL reflect this trend. Sam Bradford is the 25th-ranked quarterback, and even Steven Jackson has fallen down to the 19th-ranked running back.

The Rams have not scored 21 points or more since Week 8, and are facing a very talented 49ers defense this week. One good play might be Brandon Lloyd, the 13th-ranked WR overall, as he may get late yardage if the Rams happen to get down early against the 49ers on the road. 

* Fantasy Points Projections are based on the Yahoo! and ESPN default scoring settings. Quarterbacks are scored with 1 point for every 25 passing yards, and 4 points for every touchdown. For running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends, they are scored with 1 point for every 10 total yards, and 6 points for every touchdown. This is a non-PPR projection.

Injured players could appear on the list, this is their projection IF they play.

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