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Tim Tebow Viewing Guide For Bored St. Louis Rams Fans

It probably only happened because someone in the NFL scheduling department made a wish on a cruelly ironic monkey's paw, but it is what it is: The St. Louis Rams are playing Monday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks, and Sunday's football slate is now completely open to you, the Rams fan, without worrying about spurning the team you are attempting, desperately, to love. As a current St. Louis sports fan transplanted in Colorado, allow me to make my usual suggestion: At 3:05, when you could be watching the San Francisco 49ers coast to the playoff spot you thought the Rams had locked down, watch Tim Tebow. Whether you love him or you hate him, just watch him.


Here are my reasons why, to be added as an appendix to my post about why I can't stop watching Tim Tebow in the first place:

  1. Bad sports can be more entertaining than good sports. Anyone who watches college sports already thinks this without believing themselves to be thinking it. Bad sports can be entertaining because as talent levels get lower, the ways in which those talent levels can be met become more varied. The Broncos' offense is not very good, but the way in which they're meeting their limited expectations—running the most leather-helmeted offense I've ever seen, the forward pass a wild surprise play—is much more interesting than the way in which the Rams' offense has not been very good.
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  3. Watching the 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals, two teams we got to laugh at all last season, will make you very sad.
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  5. Watching the Buffalo Bills and the San Diego Chargers at 3:15 doesn't fit with our image as a city filled with people who resent being labeled "flyover country." The Denver Broncos and the Chicago Bears (with Mike Martz and a backup quarterback! very nostalgic!) are two solid, upstanding members of the flyover country fraternity.
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