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Rams Vs. Seahawks Score Update: Tarvaris Jackson Looks Great Against St. Louis, Predictably

The Seattle Seahawks have wondered all year about their decision to replace Matt Hasselbeck with Tarvaris Jackson, but never fear: The St. Louis Rams have made Jackson look great in the early going. With two minutes to go in the first quarter, Jackson is 6-for-10 with 58 yards through the air, leading the Seahawks to a field goal to go along with their special teams touchdown off a blocked Donnie Jones punt. 

The Rams' impressive pass rushing—all thanks to Chris Long and rookie Robert Quinn—has been given back by their supremely awful secondary. Quinn's harassment of Jackson at the close of the first kept the Seahawks from scoring a second touchdown, but it was too late to stop the bleeding entirely—Jackson's already found six different receivers with his six passes. 

In the meantime, Sam Bradford has looked inconsistent and inaccurate in his first game back. A nice 26 yard reception for Lance Kendricks—a short pass to the tight end in the open field, following an excellent fake to Steven Jackson—is all he has to show for the first quarter. And ESPN wept.