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St. Louis Rams Rely Heavily On Steven Jackson, Brandon Lloyd In First Half Scoring Drive

The St. Louis Rams’ much-maligned offense has had just two players find even intermittent success in 2011, and both of them were crucial in their first successful scoring drive of the night, cutting the Seattle Seahawks’ lead to 10-3. Steven Jackson has nine rushes for 47 yards midway through the second quarter, while Brandon Lloyd got open for two receptions for 28 yards as Sam Bradford seemed to briefly find a rhythm.

Jackson, in particular, was impressive, as was the Rams’ wide-ranging play calling for their feature back; for the first time since Cadillac Williams’s legs failed him again, Jackson’s getting a lot of looks to the outside.

Both Jackson and Lloyd have played well even at the Rams’ quarterbacking nadir; if Bradford can get it together long enough to put together, say, his best game of the season, the Rams could look truly impressive for once in the increasingly brief-looking Josh McDaniels era. (Already Lance Kendricks, the disappearing sleeper pick of the Rams’ preseason, has made himself visible, catching one ball for 26 yards.)