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Rams Vs. Seahawks Halftime: St. Louis Avoids Marshawn Lynch's Beast Mode, Still Trails 10-3

The St. Louis Rams trail 10-3 at halftime in their Monday Night Football contest against the Seattle Seahawks, but their disappointing defense at least has this going for it: Marshawn Lynch has not yet entered Beast Mode. Lynch has just nine carries for 28 yards and a fumble, which Brady Poppinga of the Rams recovered. He's also 0-for-1 as a passer, though I'm not sure if that's supposed to come in the Beast Mode package. 

Meanwhile, Steven Jackson has 11 carries for 50 yards, one of his better halves of the season. It hasn't mattered, though, because of the Rams' own offensive ineptitude—the Seahawks' touchdown came not on Marshawn Lynch putting the team on his back doe so much as the Rams performing terribly on offense and getting their punt blocked for a touchdown. 

In the Rams' defense, the Seahawks' performance on offense has been nearly as mistake-filled and self-destructive. We're one blocked punt away from an equally frustrating and unwatchable performance on both sides of the ball.