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Marshawn Lynch Does Beast Mode Thing Again On Monday Night Football (Video)

The St. Louis Rams actually did a fine job of stopping Marshawn Lynch in the first half of their deeply unpleasant Monday Night Football game with the Seattle Seahawks, but by the second half Lynch had successfully done his whole Beast Mode thing for what remained of ESPN’s national audience with another painful-looking pinball run. Here’s the video:

At least the people brave enough to watch this game—currently 13-3 Seahawks, with neither offense doing much of anything—have finally gotten the one good thing either team is known for doing on Monday Night. Hopefully none of their rowdy friends had already left.

Lynch has 16 carries for 67 yards as the Rams and Seahawks near the end of the third quarter. Steven Jackson had 13 carries for 59 yards, and both quarterbacks would just as soon you not talk about this whole thing—Sam Bradford is 5-for-14 with 59 yards and an interception, while Tarvaris Jackson is 14-for-23 with 119 yards. The only touchdown thus far comes from the Special Teams—the Seahawks blocked a Donnie Jones punt in the first quarter and ran it back for a touchdown.