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Rams Vs. Seahawks Score Update: Steven Jackson's 50-Yard Reception Can't Stop Rams Ineptitude, Trail 13-6

The St. Louis Rams' offensive woes just get more and more oppressive: Their best play of the night, Sam Bradford's pass to an open-in-space Steven Jackson for 50 yards, got them all the way to the one yard line after the Seattle Seahawks were called for pass interference against Brandon Lloyd in the end zone. Coming next, if you couldn't guess: Steven Jackson took a direct snap, for no gain; Sam Bradford made an awful mental mistake and got called for intentional grounding; Sam Bradford has no open receivers in the end zone and throws the ball into the stands.

Three plays, negative-10 yards, a Josh Brown 29-yard field goal. and the Rams trail 13-6, which is the Ramsiest score there is. Bradford, even after that 50-yard completion, is 6-for-18 with 109 yards and an interception. Jackson has been neutralized in the second half; he's got 15 carries for 56. The Seahawks haven't been much better; Tarvaris Jackson is 14-for-25 for 119 yards, while Marshawn Lynch has 16 carries for 67 yards. 

That's what futility looks like: Surprising success, and then more brutal failure than you could reasonably imagine.