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Marshawn Lynch's Monday Night Football Beast Mode Run, For Masochistic St. Louis Rams Fans

Are you a St. Louis Rams fan who likes animated gifs? Are you also a masochist? I've got a deal for you: Here is an animated gif of five to nine Rams defenders unable to tackle Marshawn Lynch, who has successfully turned the words "Beast Mode" into one of those careers where a player who is not very good is briefly a cult-of-personality national star. Here he is, beast moding around on Monday Night Football:

Yes, it sucks to watch. But if you're enough of a masochist you might like that sort of thing. 

The worst part of the whole Beast Mode thing, if I may editorialize a little here beneath the jump, is that he's finally turned into an effective running back at the same time, which means people are going to pretend he's always been an effective running back just because he's famous now. I don't know if I can deal with that, considering how long he's been a disappointing and mediocre running back, and I'm not even from the Buffalo area.

I'm not even a masochist!