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The St. Louis Rams Continue To Amaze, Josh McDaniels Edition

Five plays to get one yard. With your best player, Steven Jackson, a running back who can fall forward for one yard. Only the St. Louis Rams could pull this one off.

I'm really trying.

There are all sorts of things that go on during a professional football game that we can misconstrue. What looks like an argument on the sideline might just be how a coach and player interact. That heated exchange between teammates? Motivation, perhaps.

But when your best player has just gotten denied the ball four times on the one. And your best player happens to be one of the most dependable players in franchise history in getting said one yard. And your best player has to scream at the sideline for him to get the rock, just once... Well, that's just something that I can't shake. It's something I can't unsee.

When Josh McDaniels was hired at the beginning of 2011, I can't say I was anything more than relieved. After what I thought to be the worst coaching hire in NFL history—Pat Shurmur to the Browns—I was more than happy to get rid of Shurmur's three-yard outs, mini-bubble-screens and inside draws. McDaniels might have lost the locker room in Denver and been a disciple of of Bill Belicheat... but for God's sake—he couldn't do worse than Shurmur.

Rarely is anyone so wrong.

Josh McD had the Rams on pace, ironically, to be the lowest scoring team in NFL history before SJ39 screamed at him and scored that meaningless touchdown late against the Seahawks Monday night. I repeat—13 games in and this Rams team was on pace to be the worst-assembled squad of football players to play offense. EVER.

Barring another shutout, the Rams probably won't get that distinction. Figures. They suck at losing as much as they do at winning.

Now even midway through the season I wasn't happy with McDaniel's rookie effort with the Rams. The play calling seemed a bit curious and his offensive line was falling apart at the seams. Then again, the lockout didn't give him much time to install his 'complicated' offense. Little did we know that complicated meant consistently unbelievable. Like take-your-chances-with-one-of-those-Madden-nerds-because-they-can't-do-worse bad. And now as the season winds down, I don't think the Rams are going to get anywhere with McDaniels leading the offense.

Maybe I needed that touchstone. That moment that really crystallized in my mind just how bad things had gotten for this offense. Hell, if you want to look for excuses, the defense hasn't had a starting secondary since... well, maybe 2009? They've still managed to keep it respectable. But the O? The O is really, really, really bad. Piss on themselves bad. Coach McD needs to own that. And so far, I've heard not a peep about what he's done in 2011.

Hell, I really haven't even heard much about him at all. He's kind of just existing and sucking, but people are too busy railing against Coach Spags and Billy Devaney to even bother bashing McDaniels.

Kansas City has spread rumors that they're interested in Josh for their Head Coaching gig that just opened up this week. I thought Shurmur was a reach, but this would really be more than that.

I think I'll start coaching professional football if that happens. And if Josh McDaniels is deserving of a Head Coaching job, then I'm destined for greatness.

Seriously. Four plays from the 1-yard line before he thinks to give the ball to Jackson? Did that really happen?

Shaking. My. Head