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Sam Bradford Injury: Bradford Still Doubtful, TV Ratings Still Questionable

Sam Bradford, the St. Louis Rams’ best and brightest hope for 2011 and beyond, is doubtful for Sunday’s Week 15 contest against the Cincinnati Bengals, according to the injury report’s most recent update. If you were on the fence about watching the Rams before—well, I don’t suppose you’re Kellen Clemens’s mom, are you? Because I’ve got great news about how watchable this next game will be.

As for the rest of America, Bradford’s injury does terrible things to the noon game that some unlucky Kirksville-based Green Bay Packers fan is likely to get by mistake. Not only will the Rams’ performance be irrelevant to the future of their 2011 season, the loss of their franchise quarterback means this is likely to have little bearing on how the team looks next season, unless Clemens decides to show the world just how he feels about losing quarterback contests to both national-antihero-Brett-Favre and Mark Sanchez in the same career.

That leaves you with—well, it looks like Chris Long will play! You can see how many sacks he runs up this year!