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St. Louis Rams Update: Steven Jackson Approaches 1000 Yards For Seventh Straight Season

The St. Louis Rams are losing again in Week 15, with third-stringer Kellen Clemens unable to show any more offensive promise than the injured Sam Bradford or the boring A.J. Feeley, but there is some good news: Steven Jackson continues to close in on a seventh consecutive 1000-yard rushing season. Jackson has 17 rushes for 72 yards, which puts him 33 away from 1000 with most of a quarter and Week 17 left.

Jackson’s seventh straight season would put him in a very prestigious group, of which LaDainian Tomlinson is the only other active member. Former Rams all-time rushing leader Eric Dickerson is another member, along with Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, and Curtis Martin.

Prior to Sunday’s game Jackson had 202 rushes for 895 yards. He’s received fewer carries per game than in his disappointing 2010 and has done more with them, averaging a career-high 4.4 yards per carry. Unfortunately, nobody else on the Rams’ offense decided to come anywhere near a career high in 2011.