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Rams Vs. Bengals Score: Danario Alexander Makes Outstanding Touchdown Catch, Rams Trail 20-13

The St. Louis Rams haven’t had a lot to cheer about in Week 15—or 2011 as a whole—but Danario Alexander’s enigmatic career continued with another remarkable catch, a leaping touchdown grab that put Kellen Clemens and company on the board with their first touchdown of the game. Clemens’s lofty pass into the end zone gave him his first touchdown since 2007; he’s 25-for-36 with 229 yards and a touchdown Sunday, 11 days after joining the Rams as their third-string quarterback.

The Rams were unable to get the ensuing onside kick, but as dignity-savers go Alexander’s catch would have been great, if the Rams had any dignity left. Alexander has three catches for 52 yards to go with the touchdown, giving Rams fans no closure at all from the former Mizzou star, whose chronic knee injuries have left the most dynamic receiver on the Rams roster on the sideline constantly and seemingly at random.

With Sam Bradford shut down for the remainder of the season, this is all the Rams have to look forward to: In Clemens, a potentially useful backup quarterback who isn’t A.J. Feeley; in Steven Jackson, a running back approaching an impressive milestone; in Danario Alexander, an incredibly frustrating role player.