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Sam Bradford Injury: Kellen Clemens Passable In St. Louis Rams Debut

Sam Bradford's high ankle sprain might mean the St. Louis Rams will be without their franchise quarterback for the rest of the season, but if it's any consolation Kellen Clemens, the Rams' third-string quarterback for less than two weeks, did a fine impression of the 2010 version of Bradford, with Josh McDaniels's simplified offense having a Pat Shurmur-ized and ultimately unsuccessful tenor to it. Clemens finished the game 25-for-36 for 229 yards and a late touchdown to perennial wide receiver hope Danario Alexander

Clemens's apparent lack of arm strength and minute chance of actually being able to learn the offense over the last two weeks of the season makes a Ridiculous Quarterback Controversy unlikely, which is good news unless you were looking for interesting happenings at all cost. But he was likely good enough to prevent the Tom Brandstater Era in St. Louis Rams football.

As for Bradford, he stood on the sidelines in a boot and a not-especially-flattering full beard; if he's on his way to a surprising appearance in Week 16, he didn't look it in Week 15.