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St. Louis Rams Successfully Replace Sam Bradford With Replacement-Level Quarterback

This is how remarkably sad the St. Louis Rams' offensive season has been to date: People cannot pat Kellen Clemens on the back enough for his 26-for-36, 229-yard performance in the Rams' 20-13 loss against the Cincinnati Bengals, and it turns out that Sam Bradford's replacement successfully, according to Football Outsiders' DYAR measure, performed nearly exactly at replacement-level, the mythical sabermetric construct at which a guy plucked from the bench should be able to perform. That's how bad Bradford and Feeley have both been, and how crushing this season has been to our hopes: Clemens, performing exactly as a guy off the street should, was enough to warm our shivering hearts.


So thank you, Kellen Clemens—I am not here, like Brett Favre or Mark Sanchez, to bury you. Thank you for being the one Ram all season not named Steven Jackson or Brandon Lloyd to take your position on offense and then do exactly what we were expecting of you, no more and no less. Thank you for coming in as the backup quarterback and behaving approximately like a backup quarterback. In this insane season I needed a little something to believe in.