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Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: Could The Rams Finally Hit The Bottom?

The St. Louis Rams (2-13) have been terrible all season long, but now that the Indianapolis Colts have won two in a row, what happens in the NFL Power Rankings?

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At 2-13, it would be nearly impossible for the St. Louis Rams to draw a rankings above No. 31 overall, but for weeks they have managed to avoid the absolute bottom of the league due to the Indianapolis Colts. Is this the week where that all finally changes? The Colts are riding a two-game winnings streak that puts them on par with the Rams from a record standpoint, and are playing much better football than the Rams, who have now dropped six games in a row.

It would be the ultimate kick in the teeth to Rams fans who have tried to find a silver lining amid this mess of a season, but there is a very real possibility the team could finally hit rock bottom as the No. 32 overall team in the rankings. Rumors have already started to swirl that the head coach and general manager are on the outs, so maybe fans are actually excited about their failures becoming more public and noticeable in the national media to ensure a move will be made. It's hard to spin this as anything other than terrible, but maybe it helps bring about a fundamental organizational change that will allow the franchise to move forward.

How will NFL experts react to the Colts matching the Rams at 2-13 going into the final week of the season?

Power Rankings Prediction: No. 32 rankings will outnumber No. 31 rankings.

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