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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Justin Blackmon, Possibly Worried About Rams Curse, Talks Returning To College

You would be this evasive, too, if you were the apple of every St. Louis Rams fan's mock draft eye: Justin Blackmon spends the better part of this video from The Oklahoman pretending that he is not an almost certain 2012 NFL Draft blue chip and enacting his own tongue-in-cheek mini-Decision with newspaper web video instead of ESPN. Part of this is presumably about the awkwardness of leaving your teammates behind and making millions of dollars with another year of technical eligibility still on tap—the NCAA would, after all, be happy to reap all the profits from his performance for another year if given the chance, seeing as the NCAA football apparatus is an amoral collection of sociopaths and opportunistic sociopaths.


Part of it might also be just watching the Rams' continued, desperate struggle for two consecutive promising seasons. The good news is that, after this brutal 2011, Blackmon would be slotted perfectly into a promising-but-ultimately-unsatisfying 2012 season. The bad news is that he'd have 2013 waiting for him. Maybe working long hours for an immensely profitable organization for no money at all isn't so bad after all.