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2012 NFL Mock Draft Player Capsules: Andrew Luck

Nobody needs my help to know what Andrew Luck represents on 2012 NFL Mock Draft boards the world over. Has your all-time-great quarterback got a potentially career-ending neck condition? Come on down, Indianapolis Colts, for your drop-in Peyton Manning replacement. Luck, for all the hyperbole about his best-prospect-ever credentials, represents an instant turnaround for any franchise that needs one. Any franchise, unfortunately, except the perennially turned-around St. Louis Rams, who are now within a Colts win of having sucked for Luck on accident.

Certainly the Rams could benefit from Luck-even if the payout isn't quite Herschel Walker-ian enough to set football analysts talking until the heat death of the Edward Jones Dome, a bouquet of draft picks and useful players is exactly what this team needs-but there's something painful about the way the Rams have put themselves in a position to be one of the only dregs-of-the-earth franchises in football that doesn't need or want Andrew Luck.

For the team that gets him-well, Cam Newton's speedy entry into the top tier of NFL quarterbacks is probably closer to a Luck debut than Sam Bradford's spotty start, let alone Blaine Gabbert's.

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