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2012 NFL Mock Draft Player Capsules: Justin Blackmon

Justin Blackmon was connected constantly to the St. Louis Rams in 2011, and unfortunately for Rams fans the Oklahoma State wide receiver has only gotten more highly touted in the year since he decided to go back to school for his junior year. Fortunately(?) for Rams fans, the Rams have only gotten worse! In 2012 NFL Mock Drafts, with the number-two spot nearly sewn up, the world is the Rams' oyster, and Blackmon has returned to prominence as Sam Bradford's ideal number-one option.

With Josh McDaniels face planting on arrival and Steve Spagnuolo almost certainly on his way out the Rams haven't got an offense in place for us to imagine Blackmon inside, but the big wide receiver would fit perfectly in any NFL offense—he's got a first-round combination of size and speed, and the sparkling debuts of A.J. Green and Julio Jones—last year's fantasy mock draft duo—have gone part of the way toward spoiling the idea that rookie wide receivers have trouble making a big impact.

Blackmon's stats this season aren't quite as gaudy as last year's—gone is that 16-yard-per-completion mark—but 113 receptions and 15 touchdowns are going to make you a plausible number-two pick in most any draft.