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Sam Bradford Injury: St. Louis Rams Uncertain About Starter, Try Out Backups

The St. Louis Rams are entirely out of quarterback depth with Sam Bradford's injury lingering.

The St. Louis Rams still aren't talking about Sam Bradford's availability for their Week 14 contest against the Seattle Seahawks—America's least-favorite Monday Night Football game—but their actions are speaking a little loudly on their behalf. Tom Brandstater's increased playing time in practice following A.J. Feeley's injury has been followed by the Rams signing a fourth quarterback, Matt Gutierrez, to the practice squad.

Turf Show Times has the details. Gutierrez is a Josh McDaniels refugee who's completed two passes and run the ball five times for negative-thirteen yards in an NFL career spent between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs, which is about what you'd expect for a fourth-string quarterback in Week 14. 

And now he's got his best chance yet of adding to that NFL resume. This is an ugly year, Rams fans. If Sam Bradford isn't ready for this week's MNF contest, you may as well look away—it looks like even Keith Null wasn't available.