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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cameron Jordan SB Nation's St. Louis Rams Pick

The 2011 NFL Mock Draft-apalooza is back in full force with the Super Bowl diminishing in the rear-view outside Titletown, and SB Nation's latest mock draft has the St. Louis Rams taking Cameron Jordan, DE from Cal, in the event that Julio Jones goes earlier than the 14th pick.

Jordan is unlikely to catch 90 passes any time soon, but he would look nice lined up across from emerging quarterback-terror American Dragon Chris Long. The mothership's reasoning for passing on Jones isn't quite convincing—whether they resign Mark Clayton or not they still don't have a number-one receiver—but there are plenty of teams looking for a wide receiver ahead of the Rams, and it's not a sure thing that Jones will be available. Past him: The wide receiver wasteland left by Michael Floyd and Justin Blackmon.

Mocking the Draft suggests Jordan isn't a "hair-on-fire kind of player"; the negative is that he won't work all over the line, but the positive is that his helmet won't melt and fuse to his skull. They finally suggest he's not a top-five talent but is a first rounder, which sounds almost exactly like the number-14 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.