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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Rams Take Purdue's Ryan Kerrigan And Miami's Leonard Hankerson

SB Nation has been rolling out one round mock drafts for well over a month now, but now they've expanded into a two round format. Twice the speculation, at least five times the fun. For St. Louis, the objective goal is to add talent to a young foundation. We know Sam Bradford is going to be here, and there are pieces on the defense capable of contributing to an elite defense. The next step is to add complementary pieces around them.

In the first round of their latest mock draft, SB Nation has the Rams taking Ryan Kerrigan, a defensive end from Purdue. Here is their rationale.

Chris Long finally showed signs of life in 2010, but he needs a bookend. Kerrigan's motor would make him an excellent complement.

Kerrigan is a good player, but I'm not sure they can afford to take a "bookend" when there are so many other positions on the field that need filling. As for the second round, they have the Rams taking Miami wide receiver Leonard Hankerson.

The Rams still have deep threats Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery returning; Hankerson is a high-upside complement.

Hankerson is the kind of player that would be an excellent fit with the Rams. He is a sure handed possession receiver, and even though he doesn't have elite speed, he should be able to make plays in the NFL. Hankerson could be a great player in St. Louis for a long time.