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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Leonard Hankerson St. Louis Rams' Second-Round Savior?

SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft goes to the second round for the first time all year, and for their first attempt at the St. Louis Rams they've solved the lack of first round wide receivers available beyond A.J. Green and Julio Jones by... not taking a first round wide receiver! In the second round they picked none other than Leonard Hankerson, whose Senior Bowl performance has vaulted him into discussions he hadn't been a part of before.

Hankerson, if you haven't been thinking about the second round yet, is a Miami receiver who Turf Show Times describes as a smaller Danario Alexander with better route-running skills who didn't, it should be said, ruin his knee at the Senior Bowl. 

Fantasy Football Toolbox describes Hankerson as a guy who could "sneak up" on players like Jonathan Baldwin, who could end up at the end of the first round; he could be a tough get with the Rams' mid-second-round pick, but a likely target if they trade down out of their perch in the middle of the first.