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St. Louis Rams' Free Agent Wide Receiver Choices Modest

The St. Louis Rams are determined to pick Julio Jones at 14, if you believe every 2011 NFL Mock Draft ever written, but should they fail to bring in one of the top two wide receivers in this slimmer-than-expected draft class they'll find it difficult to upgrade via free agency, with Braylon Edwards possibly staying with the New York Jets after all and Vincent Jackson officially a franchise player. 


The rest of the free agents, to be honest, look like the one the Rams will probably end up grabbing by default: Their own Mark Clayton, who was having a Mark-Clayton-Plus season when he succumbed to Donnie Avery's disease and left Danny Amendola to hold the family together all by himself. Clayton is only an upgrade inasmuch as we didn't see Sam Bradford at his best at the same time the wide receivers were at their best, but that is worth something, however boring it happens to be. 


It's like the Cardinals deciding on Jake Westbrook to upgrade a rotation that ended the season featuring Jake Westbrook—nobody's excited, but it might be the best, boring decision. Okay, okay—let's get back to writing Mrs. Julio Jones over and over in our notebooks...