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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones The Only Popular Pick

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2011 NFL Mock Draft mavens are generally in agreement about the 14th pick in the draft, but they have had something of a hard time deciding what the St. Louis Rams might do if Julio Jones doesn’t fall their way. With the NFL Scouting Combine one week away Jones is still the only consensus future-Ram

On SB Nation’s mock drafts they briefly settled on Cameron Jordan as the Rams’ fallback pick—they think Jones will go in the top 10—but recently they sent Jordan to the Detroit Lions at 13, leaving the Rams with another defensive end, Ryan Kerrigan, in their spot. Aldon Smith, perhaps the most popular defensive option among Rams fans, is currently picked to go 11th to the Houston Texans.

This isn’t just an example of how unsettled the 2011 NFL Draft still remains with just a week until the Combine; it’s an example of how light the wide receiver class is beyond Jones. The Rams’ defensive-line fallbacks, per mock drafters, go something like four or five deep at the 14th spot in the draft. But there’s only one Julio Jones, and then a bunch of early-second-round complementary picks.