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2011 NFL Mock Draft: St. Louis Rams Remain Stuck On Julio Jones

Over at SB Nation the 2011 NFL Mock Draft has long since moved on from linking Julio Jones and the St. Louis Rams—for novelty's sake, if nothing else—but elsewhere on the internet the admittedly organic connection remains pretty strong. At, now doing five rounds, Jones remains tops on the Rams' list, with defensive upgrades Aldon Smith and Corey Liuget close behind. Elsewhere in the WF draft—some added protection for Sam Bradford in the form of Penn State offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski

Jurrell Casey of USC is their third round choice for the Rams, another attempt to bolster an aging defensive front, with the team's fourth and fifth round picks going to Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State running back and the latest attempt to keep Steven Jackson ambulatory as long as possible, and OLB J.T. Thomas of West Virginia. 

Of course, this is all so nebulous, and so dependent on the Rams snagging Jones in the first round; if another team picks him off before 14th overall, I'd expect the Rams to take a flyer on a Leonard Hankerson type as soon as they can manage it.