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NFL Combine Starts Today, Prepare For Mock Draft Meltdown

The NFL Combine starts today in Indianapolis and runs through March 1. I would like to personally apologize to Mock Draft purveyors everywhere, who are just about to be bombarded with 40 times, whispers about work ethic and game-shape, and enough unsourced team-interest stories to get me drafted number-one overall on accident. The St. Louis Rams have all kinds of wide receivers to watch in this year's Scouting Combine, among them Jonathan Baldwin, whose story seems to be written already—great Combine numbers, terrible work ethic has been the draft story since months before the actual combine. Hopefully he can at least put up those great numbers this week. 


One thing I'm glad the Rams won't have to worry about this year: Wonderlic scores. Cam Newton and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert, who won't throw at the Combine, will almost certainly worry more about this than they did the ACT, and should one of them hit the single-digit range a la Vince Young the resulting talk-radio firestorm is something I'll be perfectly happy to avoid. Thanks, Sam Bradford!


(He scored a 36, by the way. That's braggable, though if my experience with the GRE is a reasonable sample I should note that there aren't many smooth ways to brag about a standardized test score in casual conversation. Not even Sam Bradford's.)