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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jonathan Baldwin, Leonard Hankerson NFL Combine Interviews

VanRam of Turf Show Times is at the NFL Combine, covering the imminent destruction of 2011 NFL Mock Drafts the world over, and he's got comments from possible wide receivers Jonathan Baldwin and Leonard Hankerson, who stand as possible upgrades for the St. Louis Rams should Julio Jones be gone before their first pick of the draft. 

Baldwin, whose draft stock is being pushed up by his incredible physical skills at the same time his contentious relationship with his coaches at Pitt pushes it down, had little to say about his make-up but a lot to say about his skills. To summarize: "I'm fast. I'm smart as well... I'm flexible. I can do all of those things." He's good enough; he's smart enough; and gosh darn-it, people aside from Dave Wannstedt like him. 

Hankerson forced his way into the second round of most mock drafts with an excellent Senior Bowl showing and could end up near the back of the first round, depending on how things go from here. He was more laconic than Baldwin, offering as a sales pitch his size, his ability to run good routes, and his ability to catch the ball. These are all important things, although I doubt the teams at the Combine will take his word for it.