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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones, At NFL Combine, "[Loves] To Hit Defenders"

VanRam of Turf Show Times continues to pound the NFL Combine pavement, and Saturday he caught up with 2011 NFL Mock Draft Hero Julio Jones for a few questions that only confirmed, to him, that the St. Louis Rams need to draft Julio Jones if they can get him. About his occasionally maligned hands he said he was learning to "play fast but not hurry"; about what he liked to do on a football field he said something that will endear himself with the Smash-Mouth Football types as much as any wide receiver can.

"I love to hit defenders," he said, "take them out of their comfort zone." Well—I guess I can't begrudge him that. With the Rams picking at 14 in the first round of the NFL Draft, there is such a thing as Jones having too good a Combine; thus far he seems to be pressing all the right buttons that might end with him going ahead of the team's near-playoff pick.

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