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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cam Newton Feted At NFL Combine

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I don't remember Sam Bradford receiving hossanas on the way to the NFL Combine, and all he did was get picked first and throw for 3,512 yards in his rookie season. Cam Newton's been bouncing around the top 10 since his official entree into NFL Mock Drafts the Internet over—the last SB Nation draft has him going eighth to the Tennessee Titans—but judging by his reception at the Combine, per Mocking The Draft, I'm revising that projection to going zeroeth, that all NFL teams may revere him equally.


Apparently he's gotten a "rock star" reception at what is ostensibly a scouting event, with one reporter facetiously suggesting "he was going to ask for an autograph." Newton stepped up to the podium, delivered a prepared statement—maybe he got Kennedy's speechwriters—about his recent endorsement spat over his iconic status, and more or less said he wasn't there to talk about the past, a statement we in St. Louis may be especially sympathetic toward.


Newton could end up going anywhere in the top 10, but he appears to have nailed down the first spot in terms of public attention and scrutiny. He's this year's Tim Tebow.