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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jonathan Baldwin Disappoints At NFL Combine

Jonathan Baldwin, lately at the back of the average 2011 NFL Mock Draft first round, was touted ahead of the NFL Combine as a player who could push deep into the first round with a performance that showed off his immense physical talents. The Pitt wide receiver might well have run himself out of the first day, putting together a 4.52 40-yard dash and apparently falling down during a receiving drill.

Baldwin, who's had to answer questions about his work ethic since a contentious relationship with coach Dave Wannstedt became public, was widely expected to run a 4.3 40, which would have, given his 6-5, 230-pound frame, allayed a number of potential character concerns. But a weak performance at the Combine makes him extremely likely to fall to the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft, held April 28-30. 

In the last SB Nation mock draft before the Combine he had fallen out of the first round entirely; his performance so far means he's unlikely to reenter it, let alone soothe the St. Louis Rams' concerns about Julio Jones' rising draft stock.