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Sam Bradford: How Your Interview Sausage Gets Made

Sam Bradford sat down with SB Nation STL. We have a video we're too lazy to transcribe and pictures that no one else has. So watch.

Sam Bradford talks with SB Nation on his new haircut, ping pong and all sorts of other crap.
Sam Bradford talks with SB Nation on his new haircut, ping pong and all sorts of other crap.

Over the past few months, SB Nation has had the privilege of getting to hang out with St. Louis Rams great Ike Bruce and hand out X-Mas gifts to sick kids and drinking Pepsi in a grocery store with Rams not-quite-great yet WR Mardy Gilyard.

We had fun. We got some content for the site. We basked in our own awesomeness.

So when the handlers of one Sam Bradford came calling with an opportunity to sit down with the (now) Rookie of the Year and future St. Louis icon, we were so in it wasn't funny.

One problem, though. We'd have to get to NYC.

Sam was promoting AXE Haircare products and he was getting his increasingly shaggy mane shaved down, most likely to induce maximum swoon for the ladies of the Midwest during these cold, arduous months.

So we enlisted the help of one Mr. Elliot Ptasnik and Ms. Marie Hansen to go down to the site of the cut and get some face-time with Mr. Ping Pong himself. They did. Got some great pics and some video.

At this point of our story, you're probably thinking to yourself that this is old news. You've read about the Sam cut and you're over it. Hell, Jim Thomas was practically begging Axe to send him a free case with his piece on the affair.

Well, you're kind of right.

First off, I thought we'd sit on this for a while since no else was aware that the cut had taken place. And that turned out to not only be misogynistic, but just stupid.

So when I finally got around to working on this... I've run into a hundred problems with the video. So in the interest of full disclosure, I couldn't get the files I got to any sort of form I can edit- so you get the whole, raw interview... replete with your questions from Twitter right here:

So the audio on that wasn't the best. Sam needed to talk up a bit.

But we also got tons of pictures of the event that you can see here: SAM BRADFORD PICS

There you go. The laziest piece in the history of SB Nation STL. We basically sent some people to go interview Sam Bradford and all we did was put the video and pictures up.

Sorry we're not better.

Also, buy Axe haircare products. They give good hair.

(Yes, that is what a sellout looks like. We're just like Mike & Mike!)