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Green Bay Packers Parade: Fritz Has Monday Afternoon Off

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As a boss I am nothing if not magnanimous. So when I heard that the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl Parade was being held Monday afternoon at Lambeau Field I decided unilaterally to give St. Louis Cardinals correspondent and unrepentant Packers fan Alex Fritz the day off. Now, Fritz doesn't actually work here on Mondays—or really ever—but I figure he's now halfway to freeing himself for the eight hour drive to to Titletown to see Aaron Rodgers. With a spotting scope. In the cold. I've even printed out a map—




So if he can just convince his actual employer to let him celebrate Vince Lombardi Day, why, he's in business to put 1000 miles on his car in the snow to see Donald Driver from a mile or so away. The parade won't be going through downtown Green Bay, so all he'll need to do is find a nice spot in the Lambeau parking lot and wait for several—well, hours, probably, it's going to be pretty crowded there. I hope he's already on the way.